Elmer van der Wel

B.Sc. Human Geography and Urban Planning

Former student assistant


Elmer van der Wel was a student assistant at RLI from June until December 2017. He supported the research field Mobility with Renewable Energy by developing a method for positioning charging points for Battery Electric Vehicles. His research interests lie in the interplay of GIS technologies, sustainability, urbanity, mobility, and public space.

Elmer was enrolled in the inter-university master’s program, “Geographic Information Management and Applications” (GIMA) offered by the four Dutch universities: Utrecht University, TU Delft, Wageningen UR, and Twente University. His master’s thesis focused on developing a method for estimating hourly air pollution values and creating a “Clean Air” route planning tool for cyclists. Elmer holds a Bachelor’s degree in Human Geography and Urban Planning from Utrecht University and spent a year abroad at University College London.