Simulations and measurements generate comprehensive results which we process, evaluate, and make available by applying a diverse range of analyses. Through our interdisciplinary approach we conduct analyses from different perspectives and consider cross-sectoral relationships. This primarily refers to the interaction of the electricity supply, heat supply and mobility sector.

Customized data gathering of key parameters fed into simulation models gives us the opportunity to conduct various analyses. Relevant results are extracted from such simulations depending on the objectives and foci of the project or study. As an example we derive optimized pathways for renewable energy implementation strategies which can be translated into concrete recommendations for policy-makers. We support companies and businesses as well with market and potential analyses individually adapted to their products or strategies. Finally, by conducting feasibility studies we enable the first step of project implementation.
Scenario evaluation
In scenarios, the relation between the mobility, electricity and heat generation sector are evaluated under various technical and economic framework conditions by applying models and simulations. Thus, as an example the following questions can be approached: How has a 100 % renewable energy power and heat supply system to be designed in Micro Smart Grids, in remote areas, for small communities or for the entire European continent? How can the mobility sector be integrated in such a way that no CO2 emissions are released? What is the specific role of a certain technology in order to achieve certain goals?
Potential study
In our potential and site analyses we determine the economic potential for renewable energies in specific regions by considering the technical and economic viability combined with evaluating the socio-political framework conditions. Here, we often incorporate geo-information analysis with energy system optimization. One of the results can be the attractiveness of regional markets for specific technologies and the technical feasibility for certain sites.
Feasibility study
Derived from market and potential studies we can examine single promising project sites in detailed feasibility studies. An optimal mix of technologies can be demonstrated along with implementation recommendations to assist in the project development. We offer to accompany the entire project implementation process from the first sketch to final implementation.
Political and social recommendations
Based on the results of our potential studies and of the scenario evaluations, we develop additional recommendations for decision-makers. We provide our scientific expertise to all kind of stakeholders: Starting with local and community initiatives, targeting an high energy autonomy, to the national or regional level were we offer our advice for strategic energy and electrification planning.
Sensitivity analyses and risk assessments
In all our analyses we focus on the validity and applicability of our results. Therefore, we conduct risk and sensitivity analyses for taking into account e.g. price volatilities of input parameters and their influence on the final results. Thereby we generate reliable, conceivable and transferrable results.