08.–09.10. | Conference: Energy Modeling Platform – Europe
8. October 2019
22.10. | 3rd Oderland-Spree Regional Energy Conference
22. October 2019

Film about Reiner Lemoine

15 October 2019 | Reiner Lemoine is one of the pioneers in the field of renewable energy. He built up several innovative companies with friends and business partners. In a documentary entitled “Fuck commercialism, let’s do something real” Horst Frebel has retraced the life and work of Reiner Lemoine.

In interviews and numerous original recordings, the film traces his development from a living room entrepreneur to a world market manufacturer. He shows how the collective Wuseltronik was already working on technical and social solutions at the end of the 1970s. But also how Reiner Lemoine managed with perseverance to build the solar companies Solon and Q-Cells.

The film was re-released in early September 2019 as a 19-minute short version and is now available online on the website of the Reiner Lemoine Foundation. Here’s the movie (in German): https://www.reiner-lemoine-stiftung.de/#reiner-lemoine