Marie-Claire Gering

M.Sc. Regenerative Energiesysteme (TU Berlin)

+49 (0)30 1208 434 77



Marie-Claire Gering is a researcher in the research unit Transformation of Energy Systems at RLI since October 2022. She is engaged in answering research questions on a climate-neutral energy supply through socially just and sustainable solutions. In the DigiPlan and EmPowerPlan projects, she supports energy systems modeling for web tools to calculate and visualize different scenarios for a climate-neutral energy supply for counties, municipalities and communities.

From July 2019 to September 2022, Marie was already a student assistant at RLI, supporting in the projects oemof_heat, GRECO, UMAS and DigiPlan. Her activities focused on the heat transition, energy system modeling in the Open Energy System Modeling Framework (oemof), the investigation of photovoltaic systems in sustainable municipal system solutions, and the investigation of a possible repurposing of a decommissioned natural gas storage facility in Berlin as a methanation storage facility for a methanation reaction from excess renewable electricity.

Marie studied in the master's program Regenerative Energy Systems at Technical University of Berlin. She completed her master's thesis as part of the GRECO project. In it, she modeled and analyzed sector-coupled energy systems with photovoltaic-powered heat pumps and thermal energy storage. Marie received her bachelor's degree in energy and process engineering from the Technical University of Berlin. She investigated an absorption heat transformer focused on adiabatic absorption as part of her bachelor thesis.