Presentation at Cluster Forum “Stationäre Batteriespeicher in der Energieversorgung”
17. June 2016
Handbook on sizing solar-hybrid mini-grid systems in East Africa
21. June 2016

Multi-objective optimization of an autobahn EV charging station supplied by renewable energy (Wanitschke et al. 2016)

Alexander Wanitschke, Oliver Arnhold

Beitrag auf 29th International Battery, Hybrid and Fuel Cell Electric Vehicle Symposium 2016 (EVS29) vom 19.-21.06.2016 in Montreal, Quebec, Kanada

In order to address future battery electric vehicles’ ability to travel long distance this paper discusses a sample case study of supra-regional charging, an autobahn EV charging station. A tri-objective optimization of a local renewable energy system demonstrates how both the charging station’s life cycle emissions and stress on the electric grid can be reduced simultaneously by introducing a combination of photovoltaic generators and a battery electric storage system. However, it was shown that both objectives conflict at least slightly with the objective of cost minimization.

URN: unpublished