Narges Chinichian

Dr. Rer. Nat. Physics (TU Berlin)

Former researcher


Narges Chinichian has been a researcher in the research unit Off-Grid Systems at RLI from April 2022 to Juni 2024. She has a PhD with a focus on dynamical analysis of complex networks from the TU Berlin Physics department.

At RLI, she has been involved in a range of projects. In the open_plan project, she has supported backend development and documentation work. In PeopleSuN project, which focuses on the energy access in rural and peri-urban Nigeria, she has been responsible for statistical analysis of survey data, implementation of preliminary Machine Learning Algorithms, supervision of a master student and co-authorship of a journal paper on collected data. She has also supported the demand estimation in the UNOPS Buka project and Off-Grid electrification Digitalization tool assessments in IEATask18 project. She is currently the co-lead of Lacuna funded AI4EA (Artificial Intelligence for Energy Access) project. 

Narges is originally from Tehran. She speaks fluent Persian and English and learns German. In her free time, she enjoys reading and climbing.