Ricardo Reibsch

Dipl.-Ing. Electrical Engineering (TU Berlin)

Former Deputy Manager of RLS Graduate School


Ricardo Reibsch was the deputy head of the Reiner Lemoine Foundation's "Energy System Transition" Graduate School in January and February 2024. In this role, he was responsible for supervising PhD students and organizing the Graduate School. Ricardo worked at the Reiner Lemoine Institute from 2020 to 2024 and completed his doctorate on the role of decentralized battery storage systems in distribution grids as part of the Graduate School. In cooperation with the Technical University of Berlin (TU Berlin), he investigated the extent to which battery storage systems can contribute to relieving the distribution grid in the future and thus to the success of the energy transition.

Ricardo studied electrical engineering and increasingly focused on the field of renewable energies during the course of his studies. He wrote his thesis on "Short-circuit strategies for grid-connected inverters" at Younicos, one of the world's leading companies for grid and energy storage solutions based on battery technology.

Ricardo’s professional background includes several positions. At the Independent Institute for Environmental Issues he worked on various energy-saving and solar energy projects. At the Kollektiv für angepasste Technik (KanTe) Ricardo was involved in planning and constructing photovoltaic systems. As a lecturer at the University of Technology in Berlin he developed and ran courses on photovoltaics and battery systems.

Besides his work at the RLI Ricardo is an active member of the organization Solar Powers e.V., which promotes the solarification of the university campus at the University of Technology in Berlin.