Julian Endres

M.Sc Renewable Energy Systems (TU Berlin)

Former Researcher


Julian Endres has been a researcher in the `Transformation of Energy Systems` research unit at RLI from April 2023 until March 2024. Previously, he was already a student assistant from June 2019.

Julian aided the team at RLI with the WindNODE project by expanding oemof with a DSM component, as well as conducting thorough research and evaluations. In the eGon project, Julian was responsible for regionalising electricity time series down to building level and supporting the creation and regionalisation of heat pump data.

Within the grid modelling group, Julian completed his Master's thesis: "Evaluation of the load-balancing potential in the energy system through distribution grid flexibilities". Here, he investigated the grid-side effects of flexible consumers such as heat pumps and electric mobility, and the interplay between additional grid expansion and available flexibility that could be passed on to the transmission grid.

As a researcher, he was working in both energy system and grid analysis groups and was involved in the development of the omeof-framework.

He was involved in the conception of the Sector Coupled Energy System model of the SEDOS project, which has a high level of process detail and a particular emphasis on the representation of industrial processes.