Implementing Photovoltaics on Caribbean Islands via Net-Billing for the Example of St Vincent – An Economical Approach for Independent Producers, Utilities and Governments
25. September 2012
Analysis of socio-economic determinants for the deployment of renewable energies on islands
1. November 2012

Berliner NetzwerkE – scientific support

Project period 01.10.2011 - 01.08.2014

In the Berliner NetzwerkE public and private enterprises of different sizes and with various subjects around renewable energy and energy efficiency come together.

The Partners of the network develop innovative concepts, products and services for more energy efficiency and implement them in common projects.

Together with the university of applied science (HTW Berlin) the RLI is giving scientific support to the network. Informations and expert workshops about single technologies and complex systems are provided for the partners.
The senate department for economy, technology and research promotes the Berliner NetzwerkE.


Berit Müller

Project manager