Realise flexibility potential of EV fleets through grid-serving charging strategies (Meyer et al. 2023)
12. April 2023
Short report on the subject of “Neighborhoods in the climate-neutral electricity system”
17. April 2023

Continental Power System Master Plan – Modeling for the African Power Grid

The overall objective of this project is to model a continental power grid for Africa based on current demand data and to create a modeling platform for demand forecasting and energy planning in the African power grid for the future. Model results will be determined using site-specific input parameters and visualized in maps via GIS. The task of the RLI scientists in this project is the spatial visualization of the modeling results of the Continental Master plan of the African Union. The work is part of the EU Technical Assistance Facility (TAF) program.

Making energy data visible

A prerequisite for an African internal market for electricity is the development of efficient interconnected grids and corresponding power generation facilities. Digital, interactive maps help to achieve this. To create these, the RLI project team is preparing data on existing African power grids and power generation sites. This allows them to map the available information on the status quo as well as the projected future development of the continental interconnections of the African power sector.

The African electricity market

Affordable and reliable access to energy and raw materials is a prerequisite for the functioning of economies and industrial competitiveness. The power sector is also responsible for more than 70 percent of global greenhouse gas emissions. Its transition to cleaner energy will therefore play a crucial role in combating the effects of climate change. The synchronization of the Single Power Market for Africa initiative with the "Continental Power System Masterplan" is expected to contribute to a gradual and progressive integration of the African power market into the global market.

Project period: April 2022 - June 2024

In this project, the RLI performs the following tasks:

  • Produce maps depicting the results of the CMP modeling and the five regional power pool master plans
  • Adding spatial datasets to the database developed as part of the project and making the spatial data available to the power pools and other relevant stakeholders
  • Build GIS capacity of the CMP modeling team in AUDA NEPAD and regional stakeholders

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Catherina Cader

Project leader

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