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1. March 2013
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1. March 2013

Global Modelling of PV yields of Different Module Types – Global Performance Ratio

Henriette Müller


The use of Photovoltaic (PV) for electrical energy generation is increasing steadily. In this context more and more types of PV-modules have been entering the market. In addition to the initially widespread mono crystalline Silicon modules, there are currently modules based on Cadmium-Telluride, Copper-Indium-Gallium-Selenite, amorphous and multi-crystalline Silicon available now. The aim of this thesis is a global model of the energy yield for different types of PV-modules.

Project description

PV-modules differ in production processes, materials and costs. and moreover yield different electrical performances, especially with regards to efficiency characteristics as a function of ambient parameters like temperature, solar irradiance and wind speed. A global MatLab based model was created to compare the behavior of the different PV-modules based on their efficiency in relation to different locations.
The ambient data base is on hand in one degree and hourly-solution and allocated by German Aerospace Center (DLR). Module characteristics are measured in cooperation with Fraunhofer Research-Center for Silicon-Photovoltaic.


Outputs of the constructed model are hourly data about system or module yields as function of location and module-type and world maps of yearly data.

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