Use of flexibilities through Grid-serving charging strategies (Daam and Gemassmer 2022)
12. December 2022
MorningCall H2
19.01. | Morning Call – Presentation of the hydrogen potential study for the region Prignitz-Oberhavel
15. December 2022

Climate Change Resilient Energy Systems for Southeast Asian Island Communities (Lammers 2022)

K. Lammers


Abstract — Southeast Asia is one of the regions most affected by the impacts of climate change. This is particularly true for remote communities on the numerous small islands in the region, underscoring the urgency of building climate change resilience for these remote island communities. In addition, these island communities face the problem of limited and unreliable electricity supply. Access to electricity is a prerequisite for many adaptation measures and thus has the potential to help Southeast Asian island communities improve their resilience. Surprisingly, both aspects electricity access and climate resilience are rarely linked in current energy planning for these island communities. Energy planning in a region highly affected by climate change requires integrated and multidimensional approaches that take these risks into account. Thus, my research aims to enable climate-resilient planning of off-grid energy systems to support island communities' adaptation efforts.

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Dissertation published in Publications of TU Berlin, June 2022 (only in german).
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