Local and global simulation of Solarkiosks (Resch et.al. 2013)
16. June 2013
The Mini-Grid Workshop Report
11. July 2013

Hybrid PV-Wind-System Using the Same Area

David Ludwig

Master's thesis

Previous studies have shown that wind and solar energy are complementary power generation technologies; even though both are currently built as separated systems. In the meanwhile less space is available for PV plants according to the feed-in law in Germany. Additionally the feed in into the electricity grid is more and more restricted for new renewable power plants. Based on that an efficient and cost optimized use of available land areas is becoming crucial.

Project description

The identified energetic synergies between PV and wind power for one real location are quantified and principal challenges are assessed. Additionally, a combined PV and wind power plant is analysed according to savings at the technical level.

Main findings

This research work reveals that a much more efficient use of land and grid infrastructure can be reached by combining PV and wind power within one plant.Since at one specific site maximum solar and wind resource only occur for a very limited time during the year, combining the power flow before the electricity is fed into the grid opens up the possibility to cut the power peaks, that make up only a negligible amount of the total electricity produced and consequently to size the transformer station and the substation smaller than would be necessary for independent solar and wind parks. Losses based on shadowing of the PV plants by the wind turbines are lower than the aforementioned cost savings. A basic economic analysis shows the attractiveness of hybrid PV-wind systems under current conditions.

The thesis is available upon request, in German only.

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