Creation of a simulation model of ENERTRAG hybrid power plant and validation of possible modes of operation
1. July 2015
Analysis of potential distribution and size of photovoltaic systems on rural rooftops (Gonzalez Quintairos et al. 2015)
10. July 2015

Integration of an Hybrid Power Plant into a Wind Farm

Project period 01.06.2014 - 01.07.2014

For participating in a day-ahead energy market, a wind farm operator has to conduct forecasts for the power production of the wind farm. In forecast horizons of about 12 to 36 hours, forecast errors are substantial. This leads to possible cost and can induce CO2 emissions by activating control power in the case of a forecast error. Integrating an Hybrid Power Plant could be a solution to these problems.

In this study, the combination of a Hybrid Power Plant and a wind farm are investigated. Two operation strategies are regarded:

Reducing forecast errors of the wind farm by using the Hybrid Power Plant and Market Participation of the Hybrid Power Plant in Reserve Power Markets.
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Fabian Grüger

Former researcher

Fabian Möhrke

Former researcher