Provision of cooling in Oman – a linear optimisation problem with special consideration of different storage options (Köhler et al. 2019)
14. June 2021
14.06. | Lecture series at KIT
14. June 2021

Optimization of Extended CHP Plants with Energy Storages — an Open-Source Approach (Wolf et al. 2019)

Jakob Wolf, Christoph Pels Leusden, Silke Köhler and Jann Launer

Abstract — An extended CHP system in a characteristic future market situation with a share of 50 % electric energy provided by renewable energy sources is analysed using the open energy modelling framework oemof. Cost-optimal plant configurations are computed based upon assumptions for investments costs and energy prices. The results show that thermal storages are always integrated in the optimum plant layout with little sensitivity to all assumptions. A storage for electrical energy is only considered if sufficiently high price periods occur in the electric energy market. This result is highly sensitive to assumptions regarding storage cost and energy prices. The model is made available open-source for further use.

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Paper published in: Atlantis Highlights in Engineering, Volume 4, 2019.