Setu Pelz

B. Eng. Mechanical Engineering (Honours) / B. Bus. Management (RMIT University)

Former researcher


Setu Pelz was a researcher within the Off-Grid Systems Research Unit at RLI until April 2022. He is interested in energy access measurement, modeling and planning in developing economies.

Moreover, Setu is PhD Candidate in Energy Economics at Europa Universität Flensburg. His PhD research project focuses on inclusive energy access planning, exploring tools for data collection, analysis and modeling to support multidimensional energy poverty assessment, energy access planning, and policy development. This work relies solely on open-source software and tools such as OpenDataKit, OpenStreetMap and QGIS among others, and uses R and Python for data analysis, modeling and visualization. The research is being conducted with an initial focus on Nepal where the decentralization of responsibilities and budgets towards municipalities will require the decentralization of capacities in energy planning. In this context, the research is directly linked to a transition process currently underway.

Setu holds a double degree with honors in Mechanical Engineering and Business Management from RMIT University, Melbourne, Australia. After completing his studies in 2010 he joined the renewable energy industry, gaining experience as an engineer in the onshore and offshore wind energy sector, first in Australia and later in Europe. In 2015, Setu left his career in the wind industry to work with startups in the energy access sector, initially in sub-Saharan Africa and later in Southeast Asia. In 2017, Setu joined the Off-Grid Systems Unit at RLI where he combines his PhD research with developing dynamic energy demand profiles in rural energy access projects. His PhD research was supported by a three year stipend from Reiner Lemoine Stiftung.