Hendrik Huyskens

Dipl.-Ing. Computer Engineer (RWTH Aachen)

+49 (0)30 1208 434 28



Hendrik is an expert in web applications regarding user participation (stakeholder empowerment tools). His tasks are integrating databases, geographical information systems and simulations of energy systems in backend. He holds an academic degree in computer engineering (Dipl.-Ing.) from RWTH Aachen. Hendrik joined the Reiner Lemoine Institut in 2013 for writing his diploma thesis on „Techno-Economic Optimization of Renewable-Based Island-Grids using a One-Minute Time Step Approach”. He continued working as a researcher in the Off-Grid Systems Team at first and later in IT and Team Transformation of Energy Systems.

Before, he was able to gain knowledge in battery technologies at the Younicos AG in Berlin during an internship. He has developed specialized skills in technical energy system modelling and in programming languages (python, matlab and C++). This expertise he could apply in many different projects (such as: resource assessments for renewable energies, optimization of energy systems, implementation of complex battery technologies, programming of a GIS-based management software, etc.). His motivation for working at the Reiner Lemoine Institute is based on being involved in facilitating the deployment of renewable energies on the one hand and the opportunity for improving his programming skills on the other hand.