Detection of off-grid regions and potential options of power supply along the example of Kenya
2. October 2015
Rural electrification modelling in the framework of the Nigerian Energy Support Programme (NESP)
2. October 2015

GIS based analysis of project areas and customer tagging

For sixteen micro-grids in rural Tanzania INENSUS and JUMEME have installed a smart meter and pre-payment system. For every village operation and payment data are collected within a micro-power center and sent to a central data station. Data processing via GIS tools based on solely open source software is a next step to an effective application and management of small energy systems and will be implemented by us. By that local supply manager receive specific information and predefined tasks of their area to manage the local customers and systems. Information is provided for example on payment delays and maintenance issues. Furthermore, the data can be accessed and analyzed for different engineering and economical purposes by the utility’s supervisor.

Project duration 01.09.2015 - 30.04.2016

Target of this project is the development and implementation of a management tool for utility and finance controlling for micro-grids.


Philipp Blechinger

Team leader

Hendrik Huyskens


Ludwig Hülk