Adnan Al-Akori

M.Sc. Renewable Energy (University of Kassel)

+49 (0)30 1208 434 45

Guest Researcher


Adnan Al-Akori is a PhD student with DAAD grant at the Technical University of Berlin. In his dissertation he develops a geospatial, numerical model to sketch Yemen's future power system and investigates how decision-makers should target energy access for off-grid healthcare facilities based on different preferences. The model bridges between a techno-economic optimization (power flow and capacity investment model) on the local level, socioeconomic system dynamics, and a heuristic choice of resource. Within this framework, he has joined the Research Unit Off-Grid Systems at RLI in November 2019. His main work at RLI will be contributing to the EnerShelF Project together with Catherina Cader.

Adnan’s education background includes a double master’s degree in Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency from Kassel University. While working on his theses in 2013, he joined Fraunhofer ISE, working in a joint project with IEA, and focusing on autonomous PV systems for off-grid health facilities.

Since 2015, he worked in the renewable energy industry, gaining experience in market intelligence, and building integrated PV planning. He worked at Infineon Technologies AG, and DAS Energy GmbH, based in Germany and Austria.

Between 2006 and 2012 he has worked for GIZ, and NRECA International short-term consultancy assignments as well as Rural Electrification Authority’s pilot projects in Yemen focussing on a rural electrification and a national decentralized solar energy strategy.