Anya Heider

M.Sc. Sustainable Electrical Energy Supply (University of Stuttgart)

+49 (0)30 1208 434 90

RLS Fellow


Anya Heider is doing her PhD as part of the Graduate School of the Reiner Lemoine Foundation at the RLI. Her thesis, written in cooperation with the Power Systems Laboratory at ETH Zurich, deals with a holistic flexibility analysis of the German energy system. For this purpose, the flexibility potential of the current and future system will be determined with an as holistic as possible open source model. In the second step, the results are used to evaluate the effectiveness of various market designs regarding their incentives for the use flexibilities.

Anya worked as a researcher from May to December 2019 in the RLI research unit Transformation of Energy Systems, is involved and worked on the overview study of the energy system transition and various software tools for network calculation and optimization.

After completing her Sustainable Electrical Energy Supply at the University of Stuttgart, Anya worked as a developer at Venios GmbH and worked on their software solution for the analysis of energy systems. During her studies Anya specialized in the field of micro networks and smart grids. She wrote her master's thesis on "Optimizing the control parameters of decentralized energy systems using artificial intelligence". She completed research stays at ETH Zurich and the Tokyo Institute of Technology, where she worked, among other things, on flexibility analysis in electrical energy systems. Outside of her studies, Anya was involved in student representation and in educational work in the field of renewable energy.