Mascha Richter

Dipl. Ing. Energy and Process Engineering (TU Berlin)

+49 (0)30 1208 434 27

Head of Unit on parental leave


Mascha is currently on parental leave. Her substitute is Lena Haug.

Mascha is Head of the Research Unit Transformation of Energy Systems together with Editha Kötter – she took over this position in September 2018. Mascha has been a researcher in the field Transformation of Energy Systems at RLI since January 2018.

Mascha works on the WindNODE Project, where she is developing two different regional approaches for integrating high shares of renewable energy into the energy system. Her second project ENavi involves creating Stakeholder Empowerment (StEmp) Tools, that allow all parties involved into energy transition processes to participate. Mascha is manager of both projects and responsible for model conceptualization in exchange with the projects‘ partners.

Before joining RLI, Mascha worked as a project engineer and manager at the engineering company MegaWATT Ingenieurgesellschaft mbH. Among other things, she worked on concepts for energy supply and was involved with their implementation (technical planning) in cooperation with municipal utilities, local authorities, and complex properties, as well as in strategic consulting on European emission trading.

Mascha holds a Diploma degree in Energy and Process Engineering from TU Berlin with a specialization in energy systems, renewable energy, and climate change.