Paul Dubielzig

M.Sc. Renewable Energy Systems (TU Berlin)

Former researcher


Paul Dubielzig was a researcher in the research unit Transformation of Energy Systems at RLI from January to September 2023. Previously, he had been first a student assistant and then also a research assistant in the same research area from April 2021 to May 2022. As part of his work at RLI, he completed a master's thesis in the eGon project. In it, he dealt with the modeling of synthetic distribution network topologies in urban areas and, in this context, extended the software ding0 by a detailed mapping of urban distribution networks.

Paul studied in the master program Regenerative Energy Systems at TU Berlin. During his studies he dealt with the technical basics of renewable energy technology as well as the economic and political framework of the energy transition. Within the scope of study projects in Germany and abroad as well as a working student activity of several years, he was already able to gain some experience in the implementation of projects in the field of renewable energies.