Halftime for the open_eGo Project
17. February 2017
Concluding report Smart Power Flow (Bühler et al. 2017)
1. March 2017

Agora Energiewende Report about decentralized organization

February 28th 2017 | Berlin

The think tank Agora Energiewende is working on a report on decentralized organization within the energy system. First results will be published at a discussion meeting, where RLI managing director Kathrin Goldammer will participate and comment on different aspect of decentralized organization, such as level of self-sufficiency, spatial distribution of power generation and consumption, regional marketing of green energy, regional Smart Grids and Smart Markets, local players (Bürgerenergie), as well as the role of municipal companies.

Agora Energiewende is a joint initiative of Stiftung Mercator and the European Climate Foundation. It’s goal is to promote the dialog between the different stakeholders of energy policy issues.

Please note that the event will be hosted in German, further information can be found here.

© Photo: Courtesy of DIW Berlin