21. December 2015
Dr. Kathrin Goldammer to be managing director of Reiner Lemoine Institut
8. January 2016

Bestimmung optimaler Stromnetzerweiterung in ländlichen Gebieten mithilfe von Routing-Algorithmen (Geiger and Cader 2016)

Angel Naya Geiger and Catherina Cader

AGIT Journal für angewandte Geoinformatik 2016, 2, 139-44. DOI: 10.14627/537622020


Geoinformation technologies provide wide-ranging perspectives in determining expansion paths and its costs which is essential for decision making in electrification planning. Considering several landscape characteristics offers the creation of power grid paths with both least monetary cost and least environmental impact. The present paper describes a detailed open source solution for the planning of new power lines in rural areas by applying routing algorithms using raster data with a resolution of 90 m.

Keywords: Rural electrification planning, routing algorithm, open source, R

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