Christian Hofmann

M.Sc. Geoinformation and Visualization (Potsdam University)



Christian joined the RLI in 2018 and has since then been a researcher in the research unit Transformation of Energy Systems, only interrupted by a one-year sabbatical.  He studied geography at the FU Berlin and geoinformatics at the University of Potsdam.

He wrote his master thesis on the topic of data basis for accessible navigation using OpenStreetMap. At the RLI he temporarily led the projects SzenarienDB, LOD-GEOSS, and SIROP. His work focuses on research databases, development and use of free software in the area of energy systems analysis, data processing, map creation, ontology development, and the application of software and data licensing. He also contributes to the development of various web tools in the creation of metadata standards.

Christian is involved in the OpenStreetMap project in his spare time. He sees himself as part of the free software and open science movement and wants to contribute to creating a socially and ecologically sustainable environment for all people through his work at RLI.