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9. September 2016
Second ecoPtG project meeting
13. September 2016

A look back at the 2016 RLI Energy-Dialog

Six years of research for 100 % renewable energies

September 7th 2016 – September 6th 2016 marked the day of RLI’s first larger public event: The RLI Energy-Dialog 2016. More than 130 guests from business, politics, research, and society joined us to discuss energy scenarios of the future. Corresponding with RLI’s three fields of research, the event focused on the general transition of energy systems, e-mobility in everyday traffic, and the integration of remote regions. In three accordingly themed workshops, our guests shared their individual perspectives of the Energy Transition and gave valuable input for RLI’s future research.

For the second part of the event, we were especially happy to welcome former Federal Minister of the Environment Klaus Töpfer as a keynote speaker. He commented on the workshops’ results that were presented right before his speech, and highlighted the importance of integrating renewable energies in order to reach the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Klaus Töpfer was joined on stage for a panel discussion by Antje von Broock, Vice Managing Director at BUND – Friends of the Earth Germany, Sabrina Schulz, Head of the E3G Berlin Office, and Tilman Schwencke, Head of Strategy and Policy at the German Association of Energy and Water Industries. A get-together at the end of the day offered an opportunity to keep discussing the topics face-to-face.

RLI would like to thank all participants for their interesting contributions and is already looking forward to the Energy-Dialog 2017.

Please note that the event was hosted in German. Downloading materials and presentations from the event is possible on our German website.



©Photos: RLI (Jörg Unkel, Die Hauptstadtfotografen | Hanna Decker)