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12. December 2017
Which role do hydrogen and battery electric vehicles play in the future of mobility? – A debate without simple answers (Arnhold et al. 2017)
19. December 2017

eMO Berlin Study

Potential of added value through sector coupling

Project duration: November 16th 2017 – February 28th 2018

As part of the Energy Transition, electricity is increasingly supplied by renewable sources of energy – and the mobility sector also depends more and more on electric drives. This may go hand in hand with substantial loads on local energy grids – thus, intelligent solutions for flexible usage times are needed that facilitate energy management for vehicle charging that serves the network. In this context, where is the potential of added value in the Berlin area and which actors play a role in this regard? Reiner Lemoine Institute addresses these questions as part of the project on the potential of added value through sector coupling.

Against this background, challenges such as increased loads on the electric grid as a result of electric vehicle charging, as well as chances resulting from the network-stabilizing operation of charging infrastructure in specific application examples will be investigated. Regional actors in Berlin-Brandenburg and international actors that are relevant to the newly developing business sectors will be identified and compared. In this investigation, we will examine each element of the value chain in detail, which will then allow us to analyze the strengths and weaknesses of regional actors accordingly. Based on these results, we will define the essential questions and provide recommendations for action.

In this project RLI is responsible for the following tasks:

  • Drafting an overview of local and regional actors and classification within the value chain
  • Analysis of strengths and weaknesses for scope of regional actors
  • Comparison of local/regional and national/international actors
  • Summary of distinct characteristics of the metropolitan area of Berlin and the chances resulting from these
  • Recommendations for the incorporation of very active actors and the identification of collaborative potential
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Oliver Arnhold

Project Manager

Olaf Bernicke