Kathrin Goldammer and Juliane Arriens are experts in the EU Agenda Process on Green Hydrogen
24. August 2021
GIS-based tool for Renewable Energy in agriculture
1. September 2021

Energy Transition Podcasts with Kathrin Goldammer

August 31, 2021 | Podcasts are becoming increasingly popular and are an excellent medium for conveying knowledge. They offer the opportunity to discuss a topic in depth and with all the details that are interesting. And of course, there are also many podcasts that cover the energy transition.

RLI Managing Director Kathrin Goldammer has been featured several times as an expert on various energy transition podcasts in recent months. Tune in and learn all about grid frequency, blackouts, and hydrogen!


  • King Kong Klima: In the episode “Blackout: What’s The Frequency, Boris?” Kathrin explains how electricity trading works and why no one needs to be afraid of blackouts when more renewables are in the system. (April 2021) Go to podcast
  • Let’s Talk Change: In the episode “Where does Germany need green hydrogen?” Kathrin talks about use cases for hydrogen from renewables. (April 2021) To the podcast
  • Mit voller Energie: In the episode “Everyone is talking about hydrogen. Is it the solution?” is also about hydrogen as a technology in the energy transition and the role it may or may not play. Kathrin talks about this with the CEO of GSAG AG, Georg Friedrichs. (August 2021) To the Podcast


@ Photo: courtesy of GASAG AG