Global Analysis of Off-Grid Diesel Capacities
1. July 2015
Technical Assistance for PV-Battery-Diesel Hybrid Systems on the Cook Islands
1. July 2015

GIS-Analysis of the Oil-based Electricity Production Landscape of Peru and Botswana

The analysis will be based on the UDI World Electric Power Plants data base and a GIS-based analyzing method which has been developed by the RLI: Power grid information will be combined with nightlights and GDP information to identify off-grid locations with significant electricity demand. These locations will be aligned with the power plant data base to give a detailed list of off-grid diesel capacities including the characterization parameters named above.

Project period: 01.10.2013 - 31.10.2013

This study analyses the oil-based electricity production landscapes of Peru and Botswana. The primary objective is to evaluate the existing diesel power plant parks with respect to their size, location, and operator structure and their attractiveness for the creation of hybrid systems via the replacement of diesel with solar PV power. The results can be used to derive indicators for the expected market potential for Peru and Botswana concerning diesel replacement with renewable energy technologies.


Catherina Cader

Head of Unit

Paul Bertheau