Transforming the electricity generation of the Berlin–Brandenburg region, Germany
1. December 2014
Potenziale und Handlungsfelder für eine nachhaltige Energieversorgung im Landkreis Wittenberg (Gaudchau, Müller, Schachler 2014)
31. December 2014

Market potentials of hybrid energy systems on Greek islands

Viktor Heinrich


Greek island energy systems without grid connection to the mainland are especially dependent on the local use of fossil fuels. Expensive diesel fuel is burned for power generation. One option to decrease the power generation costs is to implement renewable energies. The aim of his research is to evaluate market potentials of renewable energies on Greek islands.

Project description

This study focuses on the potential for Greek islands to establish an environmentally sustainable and economically viable energy supply. The preliminary analysis will explore the islands’ regional structures, the current situation of their energy market as well as the specific systemic conditions for the deployment of renewable energies. In addition to the estimation of the islands’ power demand, an hourly-based synthesis of their load profiles will be established. On this basis, 1h models of cost-effective hybrid energy systems (consisting of PV, wind turbines, diesel generators and batteries) will be simulated and compared to case studies of other institutions.


The first aim is to gain a deep understanding regarding the Greek energy market. The second aim is to identify attractive Greek islands for the introduction of renewable energies. The third aim is to evaluate the developed enrgy system model and compare it with the results of other energy system models.

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