Algerien – Eigenverbrauch von Erneuerbaren Energien in Industrie und Landwirtschaft
1. November 2014
Market potentials of hybrid energy systems on Greek islands
1. December 2014

Transforming the electricity generation of the Berlin–Brandenburg region, Germany

Caroline Möller, Jan Meiss, Berit Müller, Markus Hlusiak, Christian Breyer, Michael Kastner, Jochen Twele

Full Article in Renewable Energy. 72, 2014, Pages 39-50

This paper presents scenarios for the electricity supply of Germany's capital region. All scenarios were numerically evaluated in hourly time steps using a cost optimisation approach for the years 2020 and 2030. Furthermore, we studied the transmission capacities of extra-high voltage transmission lines and found them to be sufficient for the energy distribution within the investigated region.