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ArguMap: argument map on the energy transition of the transport sector

ArguMap provides an overview of the arguments within the debate on possible technology pathways for decarbonizing road transport in Germany. You can follow different threads of the debate by following the arrows from argument to argument. An argument can be supported ( ) or attacked () by other arguments.

You can find the latest version of the ArguMap here.
The map is not complete. We need your arguments in order to increase the mapping of the debate to make it more comprehensible and thus to improve it. Send us your feedback on which areas should be improved.

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    Road transport is the only sector in Germany whose GHG-emissions have not declined but increased in recent years. Alternatives to the internal combustion engine have to be established if the climate goals of the Paris agreement are to be reached. But which technology is best, battery electric, fuel cell vehicles or simply renewable fuels? The issue is being controversially debated in science, politics and industry.

    Through an argumentation analysis, we attempt to reconstruct the complex pros and cons within the debate on energy transition pathways for road transport. We invite you to extend and improve the argument map together with us.

    ArguMap is part of Alexander Wanitschke’s PhD project in which he examines decisions and technologies with regard to uncertainties in order to derive robust transition pathways for decarbonizing road transport in Germany.

    ArguMap was created with Argunet.
    A list of background literature is available here (as of May 2018).


    Alexander Wanitschke

    Project manager

    Oliver Arnhold

    Head of Unit

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