Mohamad Halwani

B.Sc. Business Administration (HTW Berlin)

Former student assistant


Mohamad Halwani had been a student assistant in the research unit Mobility with Renewable Energies at RLI from October 2022 until April 2023. Before that, he was already an intern in the same research unit between August and October 2022. He studied in the master program Industrial Engineering - Energy and Environmental Resources. He was completing the technical part of his studies at Berlin University of Applied Sciences and the economic part at Berlin School of Economics and Law. As part of his work for the Hy2Fly-Hubs project, he was completing his final thesis at RLI.

Mohamad holds a bachelor's degree in business administration from Berlin School of Economics and Technology. In his thesis, he focused on the potential and challenges for sustainable energy production in the Arab region.