Flexperten network membership
3. April 2017
Open Energy Modelling Workshop – Frankfurt 2017
19. April 2017
Flexperten network membership
3. April 2017
Open Energy Modelling Workshop – Frankfurt 2017
19. April 2017

New version of the OpenEnergy Platform launched

April 12th 2017 – The RLI is proud to announce that a new version of the OpenEnergy Platform has just been launched. The platform provides great tools to make your energy system modelling process transparent:

  • You can give, get, and document data of your modelling process on the OpenEnergy Database (oedb).
  • You can describe, find, and compare energy system models and link them to your code with various fact sheets.
  • You can find and refer literature to models and data using the literature overview of the oedb.
  • You can harmonize your wording with other researchers using the glossary.
  • You are invited to join our discussion if you have suggestions or you want to get involved with the development.
  • You can meet us at the openmod meetings.

With the included tools, we want to promote reproducibility in energy system research. We know that for (most) modelling processes, you need more than just data and code to reproduce results. Especially when complex or different models are involved, a proper code documentation and a description of the steps of the modelling process are needed. We will continuously report and discuss new tools and processes at the openmod meetings. You are invited to contribute!


Logo openmod InitiativeThe OpenEnergy Platform is being developed in context  of the open_eGo project. As a member of the openmod initiative, the researchers working on open_eGo at RLI have discussed the functions of the Platform within the community. The openmod initiative is a network, an interest group, and a platform – but above all a grass root initiative of energy sytem modellers, with the shared goal to improve the quality, transparency, and credibility of energy models by opening them up. The OpenEnergy Platform agrees on the manifesto of the openmod initiative. At the core of the openmod initiative are regular workshops where we exchange ideas, lobby for policy support for open projects, and actively share data, code, and know-how.




The OpenEnergy Platform is developed within the open_eGo project. Its goal is to develop a transparent, inter-grid-level planning tool to investigate economic viable grid expansion scenarios considering flexibility options. Besides the modelling of the open grid planning tool, open_eGo focuses on the development of the OpenEnergy Platform. In this part of the project, we are implementing the ideas that have been discussed in the openmod community. The tools provided by the platform aim at ensuring a sustainable exchange of data, code, and know-how. Furthermore we want to give modellers an overview of existing energy models and data.


Thus, we enhance scientific research on the energy system in terms of reproducibility, transparency, and efficiency. open_eGo and thus the development of the tools of the OpenEnergy Platform are funded by the German Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy.



The open_eGo partners:

ZNES    RLI    Uni Magdeburg   NEXT Energy 
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