Training “Integration of Renewable Energy on Islands”
1. October 2017
Allocation of Annual Electricity Consumption and Power Generation Capacities Across Multiple Voltage Levels in a High Spatial Resolution (Hülk et al. 2017)
16. October 2017

RLI welcomes Ghanaian GIZ delegation

October 11th 2017 – Reiner Lemoine Institute has been visited by a delegation of participants in the „Renewable Energy & Efficiency Week 2017“ (REEW) hosted by Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ). The visitors from Ghana received an introduction to the institute’s work with a special focus on the research field Off-Grid Systems. The group traveled with the Ghanaian Deputy Minister for Energy, William Owuraku Aidoo.

Philipp Blechinger, Head of Off-Grid Systems at RLI, welcomed the group and gave an overview of his team’s work in the areas rural electrification planning and hybrid mini-grids. “We feel very honored to welcome the Ghanaian delegation”, said Philipp. “The government’s plans to achieve full electrification for all of Ghana, overlap with a lot of our research  for the seventh UN Sustainable Development Goal. Thus, the discussion was very fruitful and revealed a lot of connecting factors. We are happy that GIZ, who is one of our trusted long-term partners, especially in the off-grid context, has chosen RLI as a station of REEW once more this year.“

For REEW, GIZ is invites energy experts and policy makers from partner countries to Germany once a year, in order to network, find potential partners, explore new projects and discuss options for renewable energy in their home countries.

© Photo: RLI