Analysis of a Potential Single and Combined Business Model for Stationary Battery Storage Systems (Klausen et al. 2016)
12. December 2016
Orientation meeting: E-mobility at local levels
10. January 2017

RLI starts research project on hydrogen infrastructure and predictable consumption

December 8th 2016 – RLI will receive funding from the German Federal Ministry of Transport and Digital Infrastructure for a research project on hydrogen infrastructure. In the „ImplaN“ project, short for „Initial Infrastructure for hydrogen mobility based on predictable consumers“, which will last for 30 months, the RLI will develop strategies for increasing the number of hydrogen fueling stations in Germany as well as demand for hydrogen. The project was launched during a kick-off workshop on December 8th in Berlin.

ImplaN focuses on commercial vehicles, such as busses, taxis and car-sharing fleets. These vehicles are especially suitable for developing a hydrogen infrastructure, as they always travel similar distances, have very predictable periods of downtime and charging, and only require local infrastructure. RLI will identify real options for combining car fleets and refueling stations with the overall aim of designing ideal refueling stations with the highest efficiency and cost-effectiveness while offering the greatest benefit to private car owners. In this way, we hope to support the transition process in the transport sector and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

The project is part of the Hydrogen Power Storage & Solutions East Germany (HYPOS) initiative, which aims to promote hydrogen as an energy source in Eastern Germany. For this reason, ImplaN focuses on this region as a model. The project is headed by Fabian Grüger.

More information on ImplaN is available here.

Photo: RLI