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30. January 2020
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8. February 2020

Off-Grid potential analysis for Mali

Off-Grid potential analysis for Mali based on available geographical data

It is Africa GreenTec´s goal to provide impactful, eco-driven, renewable and de-centralized energy, water and communications solutions for the Global South.

Africa Green Tec has significant activities in Mali and is interested in the systematic analysis of possible locations for their electrification solution using existing geodata. The Reiner Lemoine Institute has extensive experience in the field of potential analysis for off-grid electrification in sub-Saharan Africa and other regions. In particular, the use of geodata and GIS-based analyses enables an initial assessment of market potential and the identification of suitable locations.

Project period: January - February 2020

RLI assumes the following tasks within this research project:

  • Collection of georeferenced data sets on population and infrastructure in Mali as well as preparation and documentation of sources and metadata
  • Data analysis and processing: Generation of population clusters and linking with corresponding attributes
  • Processing of results with map exports
  • Workshop and presentation of results
Africa GreenTec

Africa GreenTec


Catherina Cader

Project Manager