Die Rolle von Power-to-Gas in der zukünftigen Stromversorgung – Das optimierte Stromversorgungsystem bei hohen Anteilen Erneuerbarer Energien am Beispiel der Modellregion Trier-Amprion 5
28. August 2015
Raumbezogene Standortanalyse für PtG-Anlagen
28. August 2015

The geographic potential of Power-to-Gas in a German model region – Trier-Amprion 5

Ludwig Schneider, Editha Kötter

Elsevier Journal of Energy Storage 1 (2015) 1-6

Power-to-Gas (PtG), the generation of synthetic methane from renewable electricity via water electrolysis and methanation, is considered a promising long-term energy storage option. Within this paper we provide a detailed PtG potential analysis using the geographic and infrastructural conditions of a German model region. To this end, comprehensive spatial data of the region “Trier-Amprion 5” (TA5) in Rhineland-Palatinate (Rheinland-Pfalz) is compiled. The requirements of methanation facilities and its chemical processes are identified; available sources of carbon dioxide (CO2), a prerequisite for the PtG process, are examined and localised; and the potential locations for PtG facilities are quantified. The combined information is presented in a detailed map showing restrictive and favourable areas. Finally, we provide a first draught of an applied method for calculating the potential capacities of Power-to-Gas facilities in actual geographical regions.

DOI: j.est.2015.03.001

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