25.11.-26.11. | Interconnected voices: Climate change, equity, and the way forward – Online Conference on Climate Change and Climate Justice
25. November 2020
Roadmap for the Integration of Sustainable Energy and Transport in Small Islands (Ochs et al. 2020)
30. November 2020

30.11. | Web-Conference: Energy SystemTurnaround in the Election Year 2021

November 30, 2020
Web Conference

The EnergieSystemWende Network and the RLS Graduate School of Reiner Lemoine Foundation are organizing a virtual conference titled Setting the Course for the Renewable Energy System – Energy System Turnaround in the Election Year 2021 to discuss an impulse paper published they publish on the same day. The paper includes recommendations for action for energy system transformation in the course of the 2021 federal elections.

The following guests will take part: the economist Claudia Kemfert and the members of the Bundestag Lorenz Gösta Beutin (The Left), Andreas Lenz (CDU/CSU), Martin Neumann (FDP), Nina Scheer (SPD), and Julia Verlinden (Green Party).

Further information and the possibility to register can be found on the Website of Reiner Lemoine Foundation.