E-mobility in Brandenburg: first PIOnEER results presented
19. September 2016
Berit Müller becomes SmEnOs spokeswoman
20. September 2016

5. Forum Zukunftsfragen Energie

September 20th 2016 | Osnabrück

The Kompetenzzentrum Energie at Osnabrück University of Applied Sciences in cooperation with Klimaschutz- und Energieagentur Niedersachsen is hosting the „5th Forum Zukunftsfragen Energie” on September 20th2016. Experts from businesses, politics, and research will discuss the potential uses of energy storages, topics range from technical feasibility and efficiency to field projects.

For RLI, Caroline Moeller will participate. She is a research associate in the research field „Transformation of Energy Systems” and in her presentation titled “Residential, household, and central energy storages: What storages does the region need?”, she will talk about different locations of energy storages. Caroline’s focus will be an analysis of the need for storages, based on electricity supply scenarios in the Masterplan Region, as well as differences between technologies, locations, and business strategies.

Please find further information and the program here.


© Illustration: RLI | Kompetenzzentrum Energie