Jonathan Amme

Dipl.-Ing.(FH) Environmental Engineering/Renewable Energy Systems (HTW Berlin)

+49 (0)30 1208 434 26



Jonathan Amme has been working at the RLI in the Research Unit Transformation of Energy Systems since 2015. He studied Environmental Engineering/Regenerative Energies at HTW Berlin and wrote his diploma thesis on wind energy in urban areas in 2012. Subsequently, he was involved in research projects in the field of small wind turbines.

Jonathan specialized in the planning and analysis of distribution grids. At RLI, he developed a tool in the open_eGo project that uses high-resolution geospatial data and the principles of grid planning to generate synthetic medium- and low-voltage grids for Germany. Another focus of his scientific work is techno-economic modeling and optimization of power systems with high shares of renewable energy. He modeled decentralized and centralized energy systems in the SINTEG project WindNODE and investigated, among other things, the impact of regulatory frameworks on the deployment and economics of different flexibility options such as P2H, batteries and DSM.

Jonathan is an expert in renewable energy land use. He implemented geospatial pipelines in several projects for land use analysis and visualization. In the Copernicus project ENavi he developed a simulation-based web application within the framework of the Reallabor Anhalt, which enables interactive participation of stakeholders in current issues of the energy transition.

In the context of the development of energy system models, he is intensively engaged in software development and in particular in the development of open source licensed software.