AGYA Annual Conference
26. October 2018
Open_eGo project closure
31. October 2018

Closing workshop open_eGo

October 30th 2018 | Berlin
Representation of the State of Schleswig-Holstein to the Federal Government

The three-year research project open_eGo is coming to an end. Much has been achieved and the goal of developing an open-source network planning tool has been achieved. This instrument and other project results will be presented to funding agencies and all interested parties during a workshop in Berlin.

open_eGo was the largest of the many RLI projects under the umbrella of the open-source and open-science movement. The aim of open_eGo was to use models to generate cost-optimized solutions for the expansion and conversion of the power grid for the energy transition. The differing interests of the more than 800 different network operators in Germany often lead to individual solutions, which preclude an integrated network planning. For example, energy system analyses and modeling are usually developed proprietary, the origin of the input data used is thus intransparent. So far, there hasn’t been a suitable network planning tool that can take into account an economically optimal use of flexibility options at various network levels. This instrument was now developed in open_eGo. At the heart of open_ego is the virtual OpenEnergy platform (OEP), which includes an open energy database. It is open to the public and aims to create transparency and participation opportunities for interested stakeholders.

open_eGo is funded by the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy. The Flensburg University of Applied Sciences took over the management of the project consortium, which included the RLI, the European University of Flensburg, the German Aerospace Center, and the Otto von Guericke University Magdeburg.

As part of the closing workshops, the functions of the network planning tools and the OEP will be explained in six workshop sessions. Please find the agenda and a registration link here.

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