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1. July 2015
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1. July 2015

Sub-sector analysis on the market potential for battery storage systems in Tanzania

This study analyses the market potential for batteries in different fields of application in Tanzania.

The following working packages are elaborated.

1. Technical description
The first working package includes a general introduction to available energy storage technologies (focusing on lead-acid technologies and lithium-ion technologies). Technical aspects, specific performances and suitable fields of application for each technology are discussed. Furthermore, the expected future technology and cost development is presented according to recent projections. Additionally, the specific challenges for providing battery-based back-up power supply are discussed.

2. German battery product portfolio analysis
The second working package provides an overview on state-of-the-art battery technologies of Germany’s energy storage industry. Furthermore, an empiric analysis identifies key criteria of German companies for entering foreign markets. The objective of this working package is twofold: on the one hand, the relevant criteria and information needs that German companies base their foreign investment decision on are identified. On the other hand, it enables Tanzanian companies to identify a potential partner for cooperation.

3. Clustering of fields of application
In this section potential fields of application for battery storage systems in Tanzania are described. National economic data and regional specific data are taken into account.Suggested sectors covered are: Households, Commercial, Tourism, Telecommunication, Administrative buildings (e.g. hospitals)

4. Economic feasibility study
Through a feasibility study the economic value of battery storage technologies for the different fields of application is computed. In addition, a simulation tool is developed which enables individual companies to assess their business case for battery technologies. The tool simulates one reference day by taking into account the specific load profile and the frequency of power outages. Back-up supply by batteries is compared to diesel generators by taking into account investment costs, operation and maintenance costs, efficiency, lifetime, and financing costs.

Project period 01.02.2015 - 30.04.2015

The main objective of this sub-sector analysis is to identify the different fields of application for battery storage systems in Tanzania. This study shall provide Tanzanian companies with a profound overview of the available battery portfolio of German companies. Furthermore, a tool is developed which uses different input parameters in order to evaluate the economic viability of battery storage. The tool is to be designed in such a way that allows its use also in markets other than Tanzania.
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Sub-sector analysis on the market potential for battery storage in Tanzania


Paul Bertheau


Philipp Blechinger

Team leader