ASEW Forum
17. May 2018
7th Energy Market Symposium
5. June 2018

Asia Clean Energy Forum

June 4th – 8th 2018 | Manila

At the annual international Asia Clean Energy Forum (ACEF), Paul Bertheau will contribute a presentation in Session 12 “Tools and Products to Take Us to the Future”. Paul is a PhD candidate at Europa Universität Flensburg and researcher in the Research Field Off-Grid Systems at RLI. In his presentation titled “Geospatial Data and Mapping – Advancing the Knowledge of Off-Grid Electrification in Myanmar”, he will show how RLI uses a web tool for visualizing several information layers (e.g. villages, grid, resources, etc.) for the planning of sustainable energy access.

The session will focus on new technologies and digital tools for electricity generation, assessment and planning for green energy access. ACEF exists since 2006 and is one of the largest regional conferences in this field targeting representatives from the private and political sector as well as academia and civil society.

Please find further informationen on the conference here.

© Image: RLI