Das Bild zeigt eine schematische Darstellung: Ein elektrischer Zug in einem Kreis, links des Zuges ein Symbol für Wasserstoff, rechts des Zuges ein Batteriesymbol. Hinter dem Zug liegt ein Schraubenschlüssel.
Investigation of alternative drive concepts in German local rail passenger transport
6. October 2022
10.10. | 6th E-Mobility Power System Integration Symposium
10. October 2022

07. – 08.10. | Citizen Energy Convention 2022

07. – 08. October 2022 | Fulda

Martha Hoffmann, a fellow at the RLS Graduate School at RLI, will participate in this year’s Citizens’ Energy Convention on October 07 – 08 and lead a workshop. The event is designed to bring together interested parties from the energy sector who are committed to a decentralized citizen energy transition. The focus will be on the question of how actors can succeed in participating in citizen energy and its debates, contribute their expertise and make themselves heard. This will give citizen energy a central role in the transformation of the energy system.

Martha, together with Fabian Zuber from the Reiner Lemoine Foundation, will present a workshop on “Citizen Energy in a Climate Neutral Electricity System” at the Convention on Saturday, Oct. 8, from 10:00 to 11:30 a.m. The goal of the workshop is to highlight what role citizen energy can and should play in the carbon-neutral electricity system.

In addition, there will also be presentations, a panel discussion, a barcamp, pitches, and networking opportunities at the open Info & Exchange Café. Volunteers, inventors, politically active people or even executives can learn about trends in sustainable energy production, plan next steps and make contacts at the event.

For more information on the Citizen Energy Convention 2022, click here.

The program can be found here.