Intermediate results of PIOnEER² (Pieniak et al. 2017)
30. January 2018
Inclusive Energy Access Planning
8. February 2018

DALE Workshop, Berlin, January 19th 2018

The first DALE workshop in cooperation with IET and l°energy was held on the topic of “Decentralized and local energy – where do we stand in Germany and what do we want to learn from the world?” The discussion expanded on the results of a survey carried out December to January on decentralized energy markets in Germany and worldwide. There was a special focus on current obstacles in the way of decentralization in Germany, and how other countries address these obstacles.

Fabian Zuber of l°energy and David Jacobs of IET presented several theses gathered from the results of the survey such as that Germany’s role model function is only partially justified or that “citizen energy” actors constitute a major driver of decentralized energy markets. The theses led to a fruitful discussion and the participants had a chance to suggest topics they wish to discuss further in the second workshop.

The German part of the DALE project aims to raise awareness of the network in Germany and to connect experts with each other on the topic of decentralized energy supply. About 20 participants including representatives from the Germany Renewable Energy Federation, the Regulatory Assistance Project (RAP), and Haleakala Foundation attended the first workshop, which took place at the Institute for Climate Protection, Energy and Mobility (IKEM).