FastGens – Entwurf von Regelungskonzepten für WEA mit Leistungsverzweigung und schnelllaufenden Generatoren (HBW)
1. July 2015
Research project for measuring typical driving cycles in the field of electrical professionals in Berlin as a basis for evaluating the use of electric vehicles
1. July 2015

Development of Mobility Scenarios in order to Use Energy Excess within the Graciosa-Project led by YOUNICOS AG

Project period 01.10.2010 - 1.2.2011

In order to realise a renewable energy supply on Graciosa, YOUNICOS AG compiles an energy concept and develops technical solutions. An on-site test rig which represents Graciosa’s energy network on a scale of 1 to 3 simulates the energy generation and demand on a real-time basis. As an accompanying associate, the RLI analyses different mobility concepts which are based on the renewable energy excess according to the energy concept by YOUNICOS AG. Electric vehicles and vehicles powered by hydrogen and natural gas (generated from renewably produced methane) are evaluated in regard of their CO2-emmisions, primary energy consumption and their costs of mobility.
Younicos AG
Mobility Concepts Using Excess Power from Proposed Renewable Energy Supply System on Graciosa Island, Azores Archipelago

Überschüsse aus Erneuerbaren Energien zur Basis für nachhaltige Mobilitätskonzepte?


Oliver Arnhold

Team leader

Fabian Möhrke