First meeting of the „AG 4 transparency and reproducibility” of the Research Network Energy System Analysis
27. April 2017
Conference: Hauptstadtkonferenz Elektromobilität
3. May 2017

Expert Talk: E-mobility as a stepping stone towards sustainable mobility

May 2nd 2017 | Brussels
European Parliament

Oliver Arnhold, head of the research field Mobility with Renewable Energy at RLI will give a keynote speech about the integration of the transport sector into an energy system based on 100 % renewable energy.

Oliver has been invited by the socialdemocratic Member of the European Parliament Karoline Graswander-Hainz and the Austrian energy supplier “Verbund“. Other keynote speakers include representatives of the European Commission, the Austrian charging station provider SMATRICS, the European umbrella for non-governmental organizations working in the field of transport and the environment „Transport & Environment”, as well as BMW. The experts will present current developments and expertise and discuss the impact of e-mobility on decarbonizing the transport sector with the audience.

© Image: Office Karoline Graswander-Hainz