Model-based quantification of a mircogrid via key performance indicators (Möhrke et al. 2015)
30. March 2015
Analysis of critical planning parameters in hybridisation of diesel based mini-grids
14. April 2015

Feasibility study: wind energy for educational institutions within the project “EE-school”

Project period 01.04.2015 - 31.03.2016

Renewable energy and especially wind power shall be integrated into the regular school education. Therefore several opportunities will be developed and researched. Additionally the organizational, legal and technical information will be processed for schools, which are interested in erecting a small wind turbine (SWT).

As part of the project "EE-schools - Evaluation of solar school projects and feasibility study for wind energy for educational institutions" by the UfU, Schools are supported in their attempt to visualize SWTs and to optimize their educational use. The RLI examines the use of small wind turbines in schools, especially the technical and legal requirements and practical conditions for the establishment and operation within a feasibility study. The knowledge gained will be summarized in a final handbook for interested schools and thus support concrete project proposals and lessons. The cooperation with two secondary schools, a leisure center, representing extracurricular learning venues in Berlin, and a high school in Saxony enables to develop materials, which can be used immediate for teachings.
The conclusions out of the exchange with the schools and the research for requirements related to licensing and construction of small wind turbines in Germany will be summarized in a feasibility study and handbook, published by the UfU. The schools will have access to a guide, which clarifies the potential of small wind turbines at educational institutions and contains concrete actions to integrate SWT into the classroom. The obstacles and difficulties, which can appear during the construction of SWTs, will be explained as well.


Berit Müller

Project manager

Norman Pieniak

Head of Unit