MELY: Market model for water ELectrolYsis (Lemke et al. 2015)
28. March 2015
Feasibility study: wind energy for educational institutions within the project “EE-school”
1. April 2015

Model-based quantification of a mircogrid via key performance indicators (Möhrke et al. 2015)

Fabian Möhrke, Fabian Grüger, Oliver Arnhold, Johanna Myrzik, Henriette Triebke

Poster presentation at International Renewable Energy Storage Conference (IRES) 2015

Microgrids are an emerging aggregation form in low-voltage electrical grids. Along with the integration of renewable energies in electric grids, technical, economic and ecologic problems arise. However, as microgrids are not wide-spread within the electric grid, values to assess the benefit of a microgrid (key performance indicators, KPI) in the above-mentioned fields have not been researched thoroughly. This paper provides an overview on the calculation and evaluation of those KPIs for a given microgrid, including: Resulting values for the microgrid are discussed in depth and, where applicable, set to relation to system values of similar energy systems.

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